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Contemporary Reviews in Neuropsychology in psychology - contemporary reviews in neuropsychology : Contemporary Reviews in Neuropsychology arrays the most current research on hemispheric specialization of the brain. Special attention is given to the functioning of the right hemisphere in the proces.... Published date on: 2012-12-06 Author by Harry Whitaker with total page: 172 pages. Publisher of Contemporary Reviews in Neuropsychology is Springer Science & Business Media.

Aksi ambilalih tonggak bersedjarah mengganjang Malaysia in confiscations - aksi ambilalih tonggak bersedjarah mengganjang "malaysia." : .... Published date on: 1964 Author by S.O.B.S.I. with total page: 52 pages. Publisher of Aksi ambilalih tonggak bersedjarah mengganjang "Malaysia." is .

International Conference on Automatic Inspection and Measurement in technology & engineering - eBook detail: international conference on automatic inspection and measurement : .... Published date on: 1985 Author by Richard A. Brook, Michael J. W. Chen with total page: 176 pages. Publisher of International Conference on Automatic Inspection and Measurement is Society of Photo Optical. August 20-21, 1985, San Diego, California

Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks in technology & engineering - eBook detail: broadband wireless multimedia networks : Provides a clear, coherent review of all major wireless broadband standards with an emphasis on managing the explosive growth in mobile video 802.11ac/ad, 802.16m, 802.22, and LTE-Advanced are the eme.... Published date on: 2012-11-09 Author by Benny Bing with total page: 376 pages. Publisher of Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks is John Wiley & Sons.

RAIRO in numerical analysis - eBook detail: rairo. : .... Published date on: 2004 Author by EDP Sciences with total page: pages. Publisher of RAIRO. is . Modélisation Mathématique Et Analyse Numérique : M2N.. Mathematical modelling and numerical analysis

Encounters with Levinas in literary criticism - eBook detail: encounters with levinas : "The philosopher Emmanuel Levinas produced a considerable body of work, most notably Totality and infinity and Otherwise than Being, as well as a series of texts devoted specifically to Judaism. Yet L.... Published date on: 2004 Author by Thomas Trezise with total page: 146 pages. Publisher of Encounters with Levinas is Yale University Press.

War Stories in history - eBook detail: war stories : War stories are mostly innocent fables and understood as such by both the teller and the hearer. However, they have long been used for political and national purposes, and those about the war in Vietn.... Published date on: 2009-10-31 Author by Gary Kulik with total page: 305 pages. Publisher of War Stories is Potomac Books, Inc False Atrocity Tales, Swift Boaters, and Winter SoldiersùWhat Really Happened in Vietnam