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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants XI in medical - eBook detail: medicinal and aromatic plants xi : Vol.11: Anagallis, Azadirachta, Centranthus, Costus, Cuphea, Dioscorea, Drosera, Fagara, Frangula, Hyacinthus, Hypericum, Jamesoniella, Karwinskia, Lactarius, Lactuca, Marribium, Menispermum, Ornithop.... Published date on: 1999-01-21 Author by Y.P.S. Bajaj with total page: 420 pages. Publisher of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants XI is Springer Science & Business Media.

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1996 in computers - eBook detail: mathematical foundations of computer science 1996 : This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, MFCS '96, held in Crakow, Poland in September 1996. The volume prese.... Published date on: 1996-08-07 Author by Wojciech Penczek, Andrzej Szalas with total page: 592 pages. Publisher of Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1996 is Springer Science & Business Media. 21st International Symposium, MFCS' 96, Crakow, Poland, September 2 - 6, 1996. Proceedings

Public land and mining laws of Alaska the Northwest Territo in mining law - eBook detail: public land and mining laws of alaska, the northwest territory, and the province of british columbia : .... Published date on: 1898 Author by British Columbia, Northwest Territories with total page: 776 pages. Publisher of Public land and mining laws of Alaska, the Northwest Territory, and the province of British Columbia is . this work contains a careful compilation of all the mining laws, and all the public land laws now in force : of Alaska, of the Northwest Territory, and of the province of British Columbia : the United States mining laws and regulations are also inserted i

Stress and Strain in Epitaxy Theoretical Concepts Measurements and Applications in science - eBook detail: stress and strain in epitaxy: theoretical concepts, measurements and applications : This book contains keynote lectures which have been delivered at the 3rd Porquerolles' School on Surface Science, SIR2000 (Surfaces-Interfaces-Relaxation). The aim of this school was to review the mai.... Published date on: 2001-07-03 Author by J.-P. Deville, M. Hanbücken with total page: 332 pages. Publisher of Stress and Strain in Epitaxy: Theoretical Concepts, Measurements and Applications is El Theoretical Concepts, Measurements and Applications

Cytochromes P450 in medical - eBook detail: cytochromes p450 : Cytochrome P450 Structure and Function: An Evolutionary Perspective Generation of reactive intermediates by cytochromes P450 The CYP1A subfamily The CYP1B subfamily The CYP2A subfamily The CYP2B subfa.... Published date on: 2008 Author by Costas Ioannides with total page: 521 pages. Publisher of Cytochromes P450 is Royal Society of Chemistry. Role in the Metabolism and Toxicity of Drugs and Other Xenobiotics

The World Through Arab Eyes in history - eBook detail: the world through arab eyes : The orchestrator of an annual opinion poll in the Arab world describes the profound changes taking place, including recent protests and the toppling of autocrats, and discusses how the people of the r.... Published date on: 2013 Author by Shibley Telhami with total page: 228 pages. Publisher of The World Through Arab Eyes is Basic Books (AZ). Arab Public Opinion and the Reshaping of the Middle East

Philosophy of Science Cognitive Psychology and Educational in education - eBook detail: philosophy of science, cognitive psychology, and educational theory and practice : Raises fundamental issues of teaching science, and provides frameworks that help focus educational research programs, curriculum development efforts, and teachers training programs, through an exchang.... Published date on: 1992 Author by Richard Alan Duschl, Richard J. Hamilton with total page: 287 pages. Publisher of Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Educational Theory and Practice i